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AFA Gaming was formed in April which was around Division 2 from its release in March 2019.
We started Small with 5 players from April 15th 2019 which a few are still here with us today, others decided moved on. Over the months we have jumped milestones from being 1,000 ranked as a clan to the top 50 on Xbox.  AFA is not just a clan around division we are a fast growing community & a upcoming Brand covering various FPS & other games. We gel like a family to enjoy gaming on different levels. 

Our expectations are fairly high but reasonable as we want to encourage more talent in gaming.
We hope to reach esports and bigger tournaments in the future growing our brand expanding further.  

AFA Gaming is about having each other which we have created a friendly atmosphere building friendships with other gaming communities to help support each other around gaming and also streaming.

We keep things as friendly and approachable as possible. The rules and requirements we ask are to be followed at all times. This allows us to ensure that everyone is happy and nobody has any hard feelings which ultimately makes AFA better. Following the rules is not just for our benefit but for yours too, as we like make sure every member is treated fairly and feels welcome as part of the group.

We have taken on so many members here in the AFA clan to become part of our upcoming brand in gaming which you will also be representing AFA at all times. Please make sure to read our code of conduct on this. 

The creator of the AFA is Elite Scarface AKA Si Lad as he started it for players to come together to enjoy gaming. This way no more playing things solo and this provides walk throughs, hints & tips and much more like discovering talented gamers & streamers to help them along their journey to meet their targets.



What We Are

AFA Gaming & Streaming is structured around the Gaming & Streaming world, we are a community that understand you have day to day lives and things come up. 

We all stand together to play games safely standing against 
racial, discrimination or any form of bullying. Over the years so many lives have been taken by those actions, here we hope to make a difference making it safe for everyone and supporting charities to help. 

There are many gamers out there with mental health and other health issues, which here we hope this can be your safe haven at AFA. Here in this community, we game together to enjoy the games and people around us building new friendships along the way.


If you suffer from mental health or feel alone, then we offer a hand to help you enjoy gaming to do our best making you part of our AFA FAMILY.  We are not qualified Counsellors but we are always happy to help anyone struggling.


Our main community aim is to create a gaming & streaming community for people from all walks of life to be accepted. We are looking for people to come together and game with each other and not have anyone feeling alone.


Supporting streamers in our community as they represent us and get the name out there as can lead to sponsorship deals etc. Helping them grow in streaming as it comes with great benefits for us all. 

We aim to grow our community with like minded gamers & streamers, this will ensure that we have more benefits with sponsors and other deals that can come our way an support us, also reaching esports and bigger tournaments to achieve something for our brand as we care about talented gamers that need that drive forward and support to reach their goals. 


We show alot of support towards Mental Health as that is a big part of our society today. We also understand that Veterans not just from the British Army but other Allied Forces like to play video games and they are very welcome to join our community. We currently have Veterans streaming within our Community.


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