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  •  All AFA  Members and Registered Users are expected to read and follow the Code of Conduct at all times.

  • All AFA  Members must represent AFA in a respectful and positive manner at all times. This include in game and out of game (Discord, Forums, 3rd Party Websites, Social Media, etc. . )

  • There is no requirement on skill level to be an AFA Member or Registered user of this community.


  • Public flaming of any AFA Member or guest is not allowed on the forums or Discord and could result in a kick or ban. If you have an issue with an AFA Member or Registered User of the community, please contact our Admin Team or Email Us.

  • Anyone found poaching members from the community will immediately be banned and removed from the community. Typically this only happens from members that try to impact the community in a negative manner, by providing false and incorrect information about the community.


  • Any AFA member found cheating or hacking will be removed from the community with the chance to appeal to prove against the evidence that was found. Any registered user to the community found cheating or hacking will be removed from the respective game server in which they were found hacking / cheating. 

  • All AFA Members and Registered Users are responsible for their own actions. 

  • AFA Members and guest should refrain from discussing topics that could potentially turn into a heated conversation.

  • If you do get into a heated conversation with someone please inform a our Admin Team of AFA as soon as possible so we are not blindsided by any possible issues.


Our Gaming policy is everyone is welcome respecting the following rules

  • No bullying and/or racism

  • No Harassment (Private Messaging Members, Asking for contact details etc) 


In AFA, when using discord, social media, our website and forums we ask you to respect each other. We have a great admin team that also have lives, so please remember we can't sit all hours to police our discord or our services for bad words or content etc. However, any form of hate speech or going against the rules contact our admins so we can calm the situation/talk to the individual to take necessary action. If rules are not followed then a ban or removal from the community will apply given the terms & conditions to gaming safely. If any issues do arise please contact our admin team or Email us. 


Our Streaming policy is to make sure everyone follows the correct rules of that platform. You're representing not just yourself but our brand so be respectful. 


Rules & Policy may change at any given time

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