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AFA Gaming & Streaming are looking to build a community of players to help & support each other over a vast selection of games. The community is a friendly feel with a set policy which will make it safe for everyone to come and enjoy gaming. we are flexible around commitments so casual or competitive players can step back at any time. 

We support organisations & charities throughout the year. we host tournaments, etc in our community which will be open for all gamers.  

If you are a streamer or a gamer looking to become part of a community to support each other and grow together please complete the form below!




Are You A  Streamer?

Do you Game?
Are you Looking for a
Community ?

Gaming Accessories
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Are you thinking of enrolling with AFA?
we welcome everyone in our community to come together. 

  • Gamers 

  • Streamers

  • Content creators 

  • Cosplay  

  • Artists

If your interested in Joining the Clan your required to complete the Enrollment but if your just looking to be part of a community then feel free to skip and just fill in the form provided. 

Representing AFA your responsible with your actions as we have a code of conduct that has to be followed. 

Starting your enrolment with AFA you agree that you're not part of any other clans or organisations and any information found to hold you accountable you will be removed from our listings. 

In the AFA clan we have various Ranked Roles, Captain, Vice Captain, Community Manager, AFA Representative, AFA Member. 
Also opening more opportunities with our
Graphics Design Team, Video Editing Team, Moderation Team and Recruitment Squads to help AFA achieve more. 

Prospect will be your starting role of the AFA clan which will be a limited time of least a week or more depending how active you are in our discord server and games.
During that time you will have various tasks to complete in the community grouping up, following our socials and activities like maybe attending events or community nights.


You will have an  interview with a captain or a representative from AFA upon enrolling. 

This ensures that all the information and terms & conditions are addressed and understood.

Our Goal is getting to know our members but also ensuring that this environment is right for you. 
We love meeting new people as we continue to build a great community for others which you can be part of just by filling out the form provided. 

We Require at least 6 months age on your discord account upon joining us. This ensure you know discord with some experience & meets our requirements. 

Valid Email and you answer all questions for the best chance to be approved, we have many applications sent in so make yours stand out. 

We hope to see you in community soon. 

Alternatively you can contact us with any questions.. 

Want to become part AFA?
What Games Do You Play?

Thank you for your application, we will be in touch!

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